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What is the real matter going on at MTN?


What is the real matter going on at MTN?

Wim-Vanhelleputte- former CEO-of-MTN-Uganda

Wim-Vanhelleputte- former CEO-of-MTN-Uganda

Yet another MTN executive was deported from Uganda. All we were told is that they have been compromising the State security. That is an amorphous explanation for anything ranging from treason to terrorism to declaring war on Uganda.

If the charges were that serious, the thing to have done is to have arrested these people, tried them in a court of law and then deported them, if the international conventions did not allow the State to punish them with imprisonment or death. This happens in other countries, why not Uganda?

This leads me to suspect that the reasons for these peoples deportation may be touching on some of the big wigs in the country themselves. For example, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine’s) name has been linked with the MTN executives; that he has been snidely receiving money from MTN. So, who else is sharing in on this money?

It may be that the problem might involve Amama Mbabazi. You know, he is the in-law of South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, who is the real owner of MTN in Africa and elsewhere. There are also some fellows here who are small shareholders in the MTN business. Are they trying to hijack the company using this method of deportations?

One of the deportees is a Rwandese national; and it is no secret that there is now a disagreement among the principals of Uganda and Rwanda.

If it is not the above, will the State tell us ordinary people what is really taking place between MTN and Uganda.

Enock Balembeire, Kisoro 



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