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Seeta St. Augustine Catholic Church rescues pilgrims


Seeta St. Augustine Catholic Church rescues pilgrims

As the pilgrims were streaming in, from as far as Kenya, to this year’s Martyrs’ Day celebrations at Namugongo, one of the places that gave much needed comfort to them is the St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, which is situated just by the road on the approaches to Seeta town. Many of the pilgrims came to know of its presence beforehand.

The pilgrims found the church ready to receive them. Their case fell into the authority the church had given to the youthful Fr. Gerald Wakibugu. He said that up to a hundred pilgrims at a time would come to the church for much-needed food or water before they continued with their journey to Namugongo. And the church was willing and ready to supply their need.

However, even Wakibugu, was not ready for one pilgrim who happened to be alone at the time she run into the church for rescue. Apparently she was being pursued by some scallywags, who by all intents and purposes, were out to rape her. She was in time to dash in to have the gate opened for her at about 5: 00 am on the morning of Sunday.

By the early morning, she was still sleeping off her ordeal. Imagine the works of Satan!

Benjamin Iuko





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