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Robert Mugabe will have a lousy legacy


Robert Mugabe will have a lousy legacy

The late Mugabe?

The late Robert Mugabe?

In the run-up to the final burial of Robert Michael Mugabe, the recent Zimbabwean dictator who died in Singapore, there has already been condemnation galore on his 37-year old leadership. Those praising him refer to his having fought and liberated South Rhodesia from colonialism.  Did not Joshua Nkomo do the same?

It is idle to think that only he was the sole reason why the country got independence. In any case, he fought for his own stomach and not for the people of Matabele land.

The white Zimbabwean who has encapsulated the perfidy of Mugabe is the radio journalist now living in exile in Britain. Georgina Goldwin says that Mugabe’s mixed legacy has to take into account Nkomo and Matabeleland where his henchman, Emmerson Mnangagwa, led soldiers in a scorched-earth policy and action to kill more than 20,000 Matabelelians. Some who tried to escape dived to their deaths in the Limpopo River, only to be eaten by crocodiles. Others were buried in shallow mass graves, some simply shot and others were left to starve to death.

This is the liberator that some African leaders were singing praises for. It tells you what kind of leaders Africa has.



Johnson Mukasa




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