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Gov: Give credible explanation of MUK dastardly raid


Gov: Give credible explanation of MUK dastardly raid

The recent attack by security forces on the students of Makerere University went viral around the globe. It was reported that 15 girl students, who were protesting and marching against the hike of fees, were arrested and taken to Wandegeya Police Station. There they were summarily raped!

Also, the attack on the students was carried out by security forces, whom the Government says were not identified. So, if they were not identified as the usual Police of military personnel, who then took the girls to be interned in Wandegeya?

The Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ogola, and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Muzeyi Sabiiti, have a lot of explanation to make. It is not acceptable that Police stations have turned out to be brothels. It cannot also be accepted that they could not have known the identity of the personnel who beat up the students, took some of the to the Police and then raped them.

If they say so, then a rebel force entered Makerere University, carried out the dastardly acts, and then vanished into thin air.


Joseph Kalibala






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