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KCCA: Do something about idlers on the Streets


KCCA: Do something about idlers on the Streets

Kampala street children

I am inviting the Executive Director of Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) to take a casual reconnoitering of the city. Mr. Andrew Kitatta, will discover that there are many idle people (either drunkards or drug addicts) that lie on the sidewalks of the streets, or by the lawns in the city, oblivious of the other city users.

These people constitute an eye-sore on the city. Any foreign visitor strolling by, will wonder what kind of control this is by the KCCA authorities. It gives the impression that nobody cares at all about the well-being of the citizens.

If you cannot give them jobs, at least remove them from site, so that nobody is aware of your inadequacies. Otherwise, this is the first impression on, especially, tourists: that Uganda has so many misfits in the capital city that it negates the country’s claim about peace and steady progress.

In the same vein, sometimes you encounter carcasses of dogs and birds, especially, storks, by the roadsides. And it takes up to even three days before they are removed. Will Kitatta deploy some people to go around the city removing these offensive-to-the-eye sights?

Adombeseki Gureme






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