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Coca-Cola should give back to Community


Coca-Cola should give back to Community

People enjoying a coca cola soda drink

I commend Coca Cola for having built the Police post in Namanve by the Kampala-Jinja Highway. It is becoming a very busy hub for the trailer drivers to and from Mombasa. Often you find the area by the post fully crowded with trailers; no doubt they are using this as a transit point.

By the same logic I would like to appeal to Coca Cola to repair the bit of road that runs by the entrance to its factory at Namanve. It is not only good for the commuters, who use the highway, but it would prove good business logic for its own trailers.

Put it this way: for nearly a kilometer passing the factory, the road has become a pot-holed encumbrance for vehicles plying the route. And now with the incessant traffic jams, it has become a real mess.

For Coca Cola, they should realize that any minute wasted on this patch of road, either taking away its deliveries or returning to the factory for more packaging of the soda crates costs time, and therefore, money.

In the interest of giving back to the community, it makes sense for Coca Cola to repair this patch of road without waiting for the Government to do it because it works both ways for it. Otherwise, Government appears to be taking its time on this road repairs, probably waiting for the general elections.

 Sikola Nakabbende




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