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Young man wondering on the media news about sex potency


Young man wondering on the media news about sex potency

I was surprised at what a young man was wondering about how, we, oldsters used to be sexually in our previous generation. He obviously saw that I was his father’s age; and I think he could not have had the guts to mention this to his father.

He was wondering about why the media is now all awash with men strengthening their power (libido) with all kinds of herbal and nutriment mixtures that are being advertised in the media.

He asked me if this kind of information was there during our young days.

When I told him that there was no such information, he wondered how we were able to perform without it to the extent that we were able to sire their generation. I told him we were able to without all those things.

Then, I told him that it was very dangerous to use some of these Viagra concoctions which could even lead to death. What were they to do without such? He then wanted to know. I was at a loss of what to advise him about his sexuality. I am sure this is not an isolated case. If this is so, I wondered what the sex situation is among the bazukulu.

 Antonio Ssemanda




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