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Kudos to Liverpool’s Manager Jurgen Klopp


Kudos to Liverpool’s Manager Jurgen Klopp

The Normal One has done it! Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool’s soccer club’s manager has defied the odds and lifted Liverpool from the three decades of football doldrums it has been in. It is indicative of his life.

From Black Forest in Mainz, Germany, Klopp has been single-minded about winning. He lifted the Mainz Football Club, 23 years ago, from no division to the First Division in the Bundersliga. He also masterminded Borussia Dortmund to near-winning the Bundersliga, only second to Munich.

Five years ago Liverpool hired him to lift the club. When he took over coaching, he promised them that it would take him two years to train the team to win the Premier League Cup. Then, he employed his method: the Geige Pressig, or, extreme physical practice.

This is to the extent that the team members must be top physically – able to play 90 minutes without showing any signs of tiredness. Alongside the camaraderie and style, the team has been able to perform excellently.

With seven more games to play after winning the cup, it must be said that Klopp must win all those games otherwise; any loss will be regarded as him doing syndicates to help the opposing teams. Good luck to Klopp!

Juliana Namboozo Kireka



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