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Ugandans are joking with Corona Virus


Ugandans are joking with Corona Virus

Corona Virus screening

Even in the center of Kampala City, you see signs that people are not paying attention to the dictates of being safe from Covid-19 pandemic!

You see people not wearing masks, social distancing and washing or sterilizing hands. When I was walking following somebody at the steps of the verandah of Uganda House, the fellow had the audacity to turn his head and spit at the side. Imagine this stupidity!

Outside of Kampala, in the outskirts, you might be mistaken to think that there is no Covid-19. There is absolutely no social distancing in public. One early morning, in a span of about ten minutes, I counted about 70 people going up and down, only five were wearing face (or is it chin?) masks.

And the taxis are a joke! It would be better for Covid Task Force to order the removal of the seats that are not for use so as to effect whatever social distancing that they can afford. Later, they can put them back when the pandemic subsides.

Yonasani Ibang-Banguna



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