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The art of fighting enemies


The art of fighting enemies

People fighting

This year has of course been declared dead, already, by some  people. Having been in our houses for a such a very long period of to time , I think this is the time we should all concentrate on going ahead in life.   We are today fresh and have, together, known that our leaders’s only role is  to supervise us, as we look for money. No money will be put in our pockets.  The mission is unaccomplished, please. Wake up!

This is the time that most of our country men and women think all the people in the border districts are hidding in their homes in fear.  This is not true. You are where you are in fear  but some of us are already back at work.  We are working.

The truth is you will die but not from Covid-19. This is the time we  should think again as we used before the outbreak. We are not the first people to live in this world. We shall die and others will stay living. Don’t believe  it when someone tells you that today nothing is moving and that people are home idle.

People are working. This disease is real. Stay  safe but be at work.  Enemies that fought you before you were even born are the reason why you are today rich, struggling or almost a destitute. I was born by an important citizen but grew suffering and in poverty. Enemies!

The people who laughed at me when I said I was looking for something forced me to fight on to see that I accomplished what the lazy world called impossible. There is nothing impossible.

I normally tell politicians that their real enemies are within their camps. We are assuming that you are still in need of something as you were before Covid-19 outbreak.   Learn to work and eat with your enemies. These people cannot be avoided.

They are every where. Enemies pushed me to the wall so that I would fight tooth and nail to succeed. Enemies ridiculed a weak- hearted man until he committed suicide. My enemies made my life so miserable that I got more enthusiasm to be important in this world.

I listened to them, for what they said against me was often true. They said I was a wiseacre. In fact ten years I thought I was wise yet I knew nothing. I was poor and my real enemies often said face to face told me this. The poor have no right to speak. My enemies of those days often said this to me. It made me fight day and night. Poverty is a lethal disease,  not comparable to any other in this world.

You are free to continue crying but know authorities in your country lack time to spend nights awake because you their citizen went to bed hungry the other night. In fact authorities in poor countries  care about other things. You are not included on the list of priorities.

Before Bobi Wine succeeded while singing, gathering enormous sums of money eventually, he would not stand to speak against injustice in this country. Bobi Wine would be the next president of this country if he earlier  discovered that enemies are befriended before they are fully floored.

You are going to succeed but your enemies too want you  to stay where you are for some years.

Focused dreamers are the most hated people in this world. This is the time we now woke up and raced ahead.  Do one thing for me for the remainder of this year. Stop the unnecessary noise making, entertained by politicians.

The reason why Museveni has led this country for almost 35  years is that his opponents never got close  to him to grab secrets from him.  I can work with even my enemies,  as long as there is something I want. Fervent christians know  that treating others as you would like them  to treat you is the only dependable stepping stone to  enduring success.

Covid-19 will kill many people  including those  in  countries like ours here   but we people in this different world should see  things differently.  The people you fear most are in fact the easiest people on earth. These people will buy your advertised product before the  so called easy or agreeable people do.

Politicians who have seen the weaknesses and the strengths of their enemies are often  capable leaders. These are the Musevenis of this world who are voted into power before the election time even  comes. What is your business in life?

If you really know what you want and you believe that these things are achievable, you will turn away from the wrong path and get here,  in the path the super human beings like Christ and prothet  Muhammad took. Love your enemies and treat well those who would wish to see you dead. LOVE.

You will never meet some people until you climb to a certain level in life.  You will be fought as long as you are here in the world and are  working. I wonder why Bobi Wine’s  fans even attack their candidate’s tormentors. We cannot all  be Bobi Wine lovers. Those who would wish to be the next  leaders of this country must know.  Study people and know them before you, next time,  argue with man!  “Defeat your enemies with love.”



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