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Lashing A Small Thief rather than Killing the Big Thieves


Lashing A Small Thief rather than Killing the Big Thieves

Last week, I was passing by Walusimbi Garage along De Winton road, when I came across a crowd of people beating one man mercilessly. Many bodabodas had parked their cycles and had joined in the excruciating melee.

At the centre of beating the man, was a Chinese national, who was wielding a chair and he hammered the helpless man with it. On falling down, the crows joined in the morass. I was able to get some explanation from one excited man who said that the fellow was a thief who had been caught trying to steal a telephone from the Chinese. His two colleagues had escaped.

There was nobody who was able to listen to any reason, such that; they should call the nearest Policeman to take the man to the nearest post and take a civil action against the man.

What annoyed me was the Chinese wielding the chair; these people are very crafty and should not be helped to mistreat Ugandans. Even then, why try to kill a man because of a Chinese phone? How many big thieves are stealing millions of dollars, yet these same bodabodas are the ones who serve them?


Ebenezer Kalumiro





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