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Drive a Toyota Platz or Vitz to Save Fuel


Drive a Toyota Platz or Vitz to Save Fuel

A Toyota Platz

The Toyota Platz or Vitz are the two small cars that one should drive when he/she does not have a lot of money. I am not advertising for the Toyota Motor Corporation, but advising my fellow Ugandans that when they have money of up to UGX 14,000,000, they can go for one of these.

The capacity of these vehicles is from 900 cc to 1300 cc. But the most reliable, where fuel is concerned, is the 900cc. With one litre of petrol, you can drive up to Lugazi or Luwero without much ado, about 30 kilometers away from Kampala.  If you are going to Masaka or Mbale you simply put a quarter tank of petrol which is about six litres. Moreover you can carry up to four people pre-Covid-19 times.  I am not advising that you use the vehicle for a taxi; that is upon you.

My point is that when foreigners come to this county the first thing they want to look for is a means of transport, usually a car. For us, we want to depend on taxis, even when we can save the money to buy such small vehicles. Let us get up to scratch and be able to transport ourselves at the most comfortable and cheaply available means as possible. That is the Platz ot the Vitz; you might want to add to the list – and not the bodaboda.


John Onyango





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