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Museveni/Nakangubi’s Campaign Poster for Kampala is Cute


Museveni/Nakangubi’s Campaign Poster for Kampala is Cute

Full Figure and Museveni

Have you seen Jennifer Nakangubi’s campaign poster hanging on the streets of Kampala? It is one of the most interesting of the myriads of the campaign advertisements. I do not know who she is and I had never even heard of her before this elections came. She is standing as an NRM candidate for MP in Kampala District.

In the poster, Nakangubi, is dressed in black military uniform complete with a beret, the insignia of it looks like the American eagle. Of course, on her right sleeve is the Uganda flag looking like that of the soldiers who are serving in Amisom in Somalia.

Her yellow poster has her posing with President Museveni, with an inscription that she stands with Museveni. It is clear that Museveni has blessed the appearance of this Nakangubi poster.

The intriguing thing about it is that , between their pictures is another inscription saying: Your servant. It is not clear as to whom this is referring to. Remember sometime ago, in Masindi, Museveni, is a speech, said that he is not anybody’s servant. My mind was mystifies. Does Nakangubi, make this as a reference to both of them, seeing that the NRM has sanctioned the picture?


Abdul Ssonko





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