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The Tragedy of Mercy Baguma’s Death in Scotland


The Tragedy of Mercy Baguma’s Death in Scotland

Mercy Baguma

The story of the death of Mercy Baguma, 34, has gone viral and exposed the problems of so many things wrong about Uganda. The biggest picture is about our country sacrificing its citizens for the so-called kyeyo. This is a problem of unemployment here.

This woman left Uganda for Scotland, Britain ten years ago, going to look for the greener pastures. Up to the time of her death, she was a refugee; and had not been naturalizes as a Briton. In that case she had no rights as a citizen, and could not get employment. So she died, sick and starving, her one-year old child crying beside her for the three days she was dead undiscovered. Look at that!

Back home here, Baguma’s father is not destitute. Indeed, Abdul Nakendo Balingliza, was an MP. Moreover, his son, her brother, Kizire Nakendo is standing for an MP in this coming general elections. In other words, her family is middle class. Why did they let their own to go begging half way around the world; and to die in such a shameless situation? I cannot understand this. Now, they are hollering all over the place about burying her!

The Nakendos are a family of influence. They should bring this to the attention of the Ministry of Gender and bring about a policy of having our young people employed here instead of going to do slave trade in other countries.


Goretti Nyakato

                                                                                                                             Fort Portal




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