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Traffic Jams are Here to Stay for the Long Haul


Traffic Jams are Here to Stay for the Long Haul

traffic jam

My thoat is paining from talking about traffic jams that we are facing everyday coming to and from work. Yet there in no end in sight.

If you talk of the construction of over-pass roads, that will be not less than five years yet; that is the time it is likely to complete these roads if more corruption does not set in to delay the works.

Meantime, Traffic Police are everywhere directing the traffic even by interfering with the traffic lights. You wonder: why are the lights there if the Traffic Police are going to not observing them? I was posing that question to a fellow commuter, as we waited for the green-then-red- then-green again sign, when the Policeman ignored our side and let the traffic flow from the side he preferred. My colleague explained that the reason the Policemen ignore the lights is that they have to take instruction from their bosses who are travelling by and giving them the preference to pass first: that is why they ignore the green sings; or make the vehicles run on the red sign, while listening to their phones. This is to facilitate that their bosses pass first – the rest of us can go hang.


Hillbroad Odekecan






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