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Brazilian minister hiding money in buttocks should come to Uganda


Brazilian minister hiding money in buttocks should come to Uganda

Brazilian President Jair B

There was a Brazilian parliamentarian recently caught with a wad of dollars hidden between his buttocks. It made the lousy Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to sack him.

Imagine a person doing this in the name of corruption. I would advise the Brazilian official to come to Uganda and learn from the very corrupt in this country. He would come to know that the corrupt here hide the money in sacks in the ceiling of their houses. Some of them have even dug it underground in coffins to make certain no one gets near it.

But for the super thieves, they have even opened go-downs where they go and pack the money. And they no longer count it, because it would be tedious to do that. They simply weigh it on the scale. So an amount of UGX 50,000 notes comes to this number of kilogrammes, and so on and so forth.

That is what the Brazilian should come to know here, so that he can go back to practice it in Brazil.  He should get rid of this idea of hiding money in the cleave of his buttocks… arghh!

Georgina Namusoke




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