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Nalubega, the Malaria entrepreneur Ignored by the Local Media


Nalubega, the Malaria entrepreneur Ignored by the Local Media

Joan Nalubega

I was amazed by a news item I saw in Al Jazeera newscast, featuring Joan Nalubega. I had not heard of her before. And as a Ugandan, I thought I should have known about her. The reason is that this young woman, 21, has developed a soap that repels malaria mosquitoes.

This is significant because Malaria is still Uganda’s biggest killer. And Nalubega, having gone through a childhood in a foster home of frequent malaria attacks, went to great lengths to develop and manufacture this soap in the most rudimentary manner.

Her story is inspiring. She eve at one time tried to develop a net contraption, in which she would walk around protected by a netting, to prevent mosquitoes from biting her during the day. This astuteness eventually led to the establishment of Uganic Company and the soap of the same name.

The soap is a repellant that one just lathers on the skin and even used for washing clothes. The lathe and its effect last for six hours; and the mosquitoes do not come any where near the person who has lathered. It has given many of families a lot to smile about in Mpigi where Nalubega operates from. It is a wonder that the Uganda media has not picked up Nalubega’s invention which would go a long way to red us of malaria, especially for the children under five years old.

Eliezer Ekitwi




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