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Museveni’s Poster in Bugolobi is misleading


Museveni’s Poster in Bugolobi is misleading

Museveni’s Poster

The NRM presidential candidate, President Yoweri Museveni, a.k.a. Tibuhaburwa, has of recent started hanging up his campaign posters. I have observed the one in Bugolobi that says to the effect that, for the last 34 years, there has been peace and development in Uganda.

Of course, as slogans go, this maybe O.K, but this is the manner of advertisements. This particular one is misleading and gives out fake news. Is it trying to say that between 1988 and 2002, or thereabouts, there was peace in the north and east? If that is the case, the NRM has now to account for the presence of Alice Lakwena and Joseph Kony, of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), differently from what it used to say that these were rebels.

Recently, Save the Children, Uganda has wanted to trace the children it rescued from the LRA rebels in Southern Sudan and northern Uganda. They showed a picture of a young girl, who was then two years of age in 2001. Somebody said that she is alive and a strapping young woman. This picture of this girl was taken with her mother. Nobody seems to know what happened to her mother.

When Save the Children finds out, it will be interesting to note that the mother, if she is still alive, can say that this was a time of peace in northern Uganda. The little girl-then might not have known.


Margaret Nakalibbala





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