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Where is the Acerbic Maj. Ronald Kakooza Mutale?


Where is the Acerbic Maj. Ronald Kakooza Mutale?

Acerbic Maj. Ronald Kakooza Mutale

In the last elections, Maj. Ronald Kakooza Mutale, was unleashed on the voters complete
with a range of yellow buses. In Soroti Town, Mutale started to force people to accept the
NRM, in certain cases beating people who did not subscribe to the party.

I am wondering what is happening to him this time round. He has kept quite completely,
maybe there is still time that the NRM is going to introduce him to the campaign to re-elect
President Yoweri Museveni. We are waiting.

We hope this time round, he will behave more moderately and try to win people to the
party more politely.

Let him not drive away the youth to completely accept the People
Power advocates. If he doe not do that then, let him know that he will; be campaigning for
Robert Kyagulanyi a.ka. Bobi Wine.

Jonathan Okoik





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