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Militia thug threatens Coaster Bus driver with a baton


Militia thug threatens Coaster Bus driver with a baton


Finally, UNRA has woken up to repair that sliver of Namanve road of the Kampala-Jinja Highway, running between Coca Cola and Toyota industries.  We had been agitating for its repair until our throats pained. The reason for its repair now is un-doubtedly, a campaign gimmick.

But on December 4, 2020, it had another surprise. Around 6:05 a.m. early in the morning, as we were going to Kampala, there developed a massive traffic jam, where there were trailers on either side, right in front of the OilCom petrol station and the Namanve Police post. Our driver of the Coaster bus tried to by-pass in-coming vehicles from Kampala on the right-hand side of the road by the petrol station, only to be blocked by a Toyota Premio car No. UG 0071 D which was in his way.

From inside it a baton-wielding militia thug emerged and went toward the bus driver intending to harm him. The latter successfully pleaded to be forgiven.

But looking at it, it was neither’s fault. The fault should been laid on UNRA, who have taken an inordinately long time to come to the rescue of the travelers to repair this slip of road.

Yet, it demonstrated one thing: that this government has unloaded militia thugs on the people, just like during the Bobi Wine campaigns.


Ochole Eradu




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