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‘I want to see you again’


‘I want to see you again’

I wana see the disciplined Ziza Bafana again

I wana see the disciplined Ziza Bafana again


The year is finally heading to where we all expected it to go. Thank you so much for all the support you have so far rendered to me personally and to this paper, the paper which accepted to look far beyond what others often see and chose to concentrate on educating the people of our country especially those who were struggling to see that they also stand up and see things like those who climbed to the mountain top see them.

Everything ill happen like we believe it will happen. In the temple, to amaze you, the consequences are known, if you also accept and digest and take, into the heart, the information from here whole heartedly.

I want to see you again. You used to wake up so early in the morning to go to the places you thought the opportunities you wanted to seize were. Like Obama did, you used to say that you could. In fact you can! Continue saying it to the world.

Your dreams are still alive. The year has trotted, to destinations you expected would come not so quickly. Belief still matters a lot and you shall get what you sought. I want to see you again going out into the streets to comfort those who are half-clothed and the children who are hungry.

I want to see you jumping around and irrigating the faith that you planted in the beginning. I want to see you again coming earlier in the temple of wisdom. You used to love this country. What happened? I want to see you again.

I want to see you again loving your children. I want to see you again taking care of the children in the neighborhood. You used to talk about the widespread corruption in this country. You saw the widespread poverty in our country and you talked.

I want to see you again fighting for the voiceless. I want to see you again helping the needy and the unwanted. You could congregate in the Church or the Mosque over there! You used to. I want to see you again laughing with the strangers you usually met.

I want to see you again giving your money to the helpless and the unloved. I want to see you again working far into night hours. You had enthusiasm. Though you had little, you smiled and laughed. I want to see you again visiting the other orphanage you used to visit almost every festive season.

Besigye used to walk. He no longer does. Is it because he now got what he wanted? I want to see you again visiting the forgotten ghettos in this country. I want to see you again singing the touching songs that you used to sing.

Jose Chameleone, you once inspired me using your true music. Wilson Bugembe let not the words of people take you off track.

Etofaaali brought huge development to Buganda, development absent in the years before it was introduced. I want to see Mayega collecting it with no fear in his eyes. Politicians don’t leave this thing of ruling this country forever in the hands of a few individuals, Mbabazi and his group.

I want to see you again, you sobbing people, wiping tears off your suffering cheeks knowing that no hard situation can last forever. I want to see you again pastors preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ to the sheep loitering around here.

Nuhu Muzaata you used to talk. You even talked against Mengo and the Etofaaali money they collected. True or not, you showed courage and talked. We know that in everything spoken, truth lies beneath there. Muzaata! God called you for something.

Your fear to talk may force you to lose heaven. I want to see you again. Mr. Godfrey Kirumira, we used to meet freely at Wankulukuku! I want to see you there again, with your money and the smile you wore, in the company of Express players.

Mr. Mandela, City Tyres will twinkle even more if you remember your roots. SC Villa loves you so much, Mr.Umar Mandela. Spk Next Edition, of Spk Films, I want to see you again, calling me deep in the night assuring me that you are ready to produce the best videos for all serious musicians here and TZ. Metanik Rabongo, I want to see you again, singing the sweeter songs that you used to sing.

The Ziza Bafana I saw in those years was so good. Fame begets arrogance. It’s true but I wanna see you again with deep discipline, Ziza. I want to see, again, a music industry which had talent never ready to give up having faced opposition.

I want to see medical doctors who loved to treat because they believed that money comes after life. I want to see members of parliament who forgot their stomachs whenever it came to issues concerning the mother land. I want to see you again and again coming into the temple of wisdom.

Let the temple be your resting place. I want to see you saying that indeed life changes and that you can see the promised with your eyes. I want to see you, again, smiling and laughing. Full of hope, I want to you, again!

Sekka Bagenda is writer.

An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist. Have your say via 0756717967 or email




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