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Bobi Wine now turns to God


Bobi Wine now turns to God

Bobi Wine turns to divine intervention

Our snoop was shocked to find Bobi Wine in Bukalango at the shrine of Father Magembe last Sunday. Rafiki was surprised because many people have heard Bobi saying he doesn’t believe in God very much; Bobi said this after singing a duet with Pastor Bugembe.

Many people actually thought that It was just a populist stunt only for Bobi to tell our snoop that he was very serious; and said that its Pastors and other religious leaders who made him not to believe in God.

Rafiki now believes that Bobi has finally woken up to the fact that his career is on a downhill slope. Every body is aware that his relevancy in Ugandan music is fast dying and he has not had a hit for years now; he must now have realized that some super natural powers must intervene.

Rafiki is impressed though; this is because at least Bobi is seeking revival from God unlike others who seek revival from the dark powers!



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