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Roger Mugisha living a sorry life!?


Roger Mugisha living a sorry life!?

Things change, that when he entered a building, men and women would stop their conversations to look at him!

On this particular day, Rafiki had gone to pick emergency supply at a supermarket at Engine Petro station situated in Bunga on Ggaba road, Roger looked all exhausted, and in tow was his son aged about 9-10.

Rafiki was also shocked to hear Roger complaining out aloud how prices have escalated, and he was even wondering if he could get some kind of discount.

When Rafiki inquired from the attendant, she informed him that this is one of their regular customers but the thing they know most about him is his bargaining.

A little digging shows that he is the business manager at a big Media house, and that brings us to two conclusions, if he always shops at this time (around 11pm) it means he is living a bachelors life, and if he constantly bargains, then his bosses need to do something about his salary. Hope they are aware that he is the pioneer celebrity here in our banana republic.

And please Roger do something about that Corsa!




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