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Comedy spoils it for Kato Lubwama?


Comedy spoils it for Kato Lubwama?

Kato Lubwama's bid for DP foiled

Kato Lubwama’s bid for DP foiled

Ken Lukyamuzi must be laughing his head off after one of the biggest threat to his seat was beaten in his party primaries. Kato Lubwama, director of Diamonds Ensemble is crying foul after he was beaten at his own game.

Ken Lukyamuzi ‘the man’ is on record telling Kato Lubwama that politics is not comedy, and this seems to have caught the attention of the voters.

Now Kato is saying that Ken Lukyamuzi had an under hand in his defeat because every where he went people used to laugh even before he uttered any comical word with others referring to him by his stage name ‘Biiso’.

In return Kato has vowed to support anything that comes in to challenge Lukyamuzi even if he is elected as the official Democratic Alliance candidate in this area.



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