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Mama Fiina’s activities worry music leaders in Uganda


Mama Fiina’s activities worry music leaders in Uganda

Maama Fiina worries Musicians

Maama Fiina worries Musicians

Our snoop has fallen on to information that Maama Fiina is planning something big with the musicians:

A close source indicates that Maama Fiina has a kind of club that indoctrinates musicians and she meets with them in public and in private.

A small bird whispered to our snoop that, she is recruiting these musicians and gives them money and some kind of juju protection from evil and witchcraft.

Word is that Maama Fiina is the one who saved Meshach Semakula when he got what he believed to be a ‘Ttalo’.

Now it is rumoured that King Saha is the one seen with Maama Fiina more often, to the extent that she gave him $10,000 just to celebrate a birthday in America when they were there.

Is this worrying for Rafiki? Nay, because Maama Fiina deals with only adults!



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