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Fabiola hooks loaded Dinka


Fabiola hooks loaded Dinka

Sexy Fabiola hooks loaded Dinka

Sexy Fabiola hooks loaded Dinka

When news of Meddie and Fabiola break up emerged, few people suspected that it was all about money.

Meddie still living in denial, went ahead and said that Fabiola is a sex maniac and she can’t be satisfied.

But our snoop has learnt that Fabiola has an eye and nose for smelling money and as we reported a few weeks ago, money is becoming scarce for the once loaded Meddie who now drives an old spacio.

Now our snoop has spotted Fabiola in the company of a Sudanese guy who was showing her off as if she was a treasure.

After a few drinks, these two left together in a huge green guzzler with green number plates of Southern Sudan origin.

One thing for sure is that the guy has loads of dollars and am sure if what Meddie said about sex is true…..then she will get it in overdose! Ask Tindatine!



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