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Pallaso forms own army to fight Firebase


Pallaso forms own army to fight Firebase

but he has what he calls, the Firebase army!

These kanyamas who even have military fatigues, at Busabala when Pallaso went on stage and instead of singing started to hurl abuses at the MC Nad DJ.

Pleas for him to sing and get over with whatsoever had pissed him fell on deaf ears, this resulted into Bobi calling the Firebase army to throw him (Pallaso) of the stage.

Rafiki got worried when he heard that the ghetto president was ordering the lights to be switched off as they were dealing with Pallaso and Rafiki calls this dangerous living.

Now after what transpired, Rafiki has heard that Pallaso has formed his own army to prepare for revenge.…. and in summary, Rafiki can only say that madness is on the horizon!



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