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Meddie now hides in old Spacio


Meddie now hides in old Spacio

Theonce famous Meddie Ssentongo

The once famous Meddie Ssentongo

Once upon a time there was Meddie 1 -Meddie 5 car number plates, all high end cars from BMW’s to Mercedes Benz’s.

Rafiki was shocked to see a lone figure getting out of an old Spacio in Munyonyo, buying take away and dashing back to the car as if he was a wanted man. A close scrutiny revealed that this was the old Meddie Sentongo.

Rumor has it that he is telling people that Bad Black is out of prison and soon they will start seeing money flowing, (Mr. Byabashaija is this true?).

Sometime back Meddie fought with a one Moses who was once his bodyguard during the good old days. The fight was after Meddie realising that it was Moses who had bought his (Meddie’s) car from the money lenders.

This Moses was also the announcer of Meddie’s bad times when he said that Meddie was too broke, that even he (Moses) was doing better than him……..

But as they say this side of the globe: Easy come Easy go!



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