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Ragga Dee’s ‘lies’ infuriates voter


Ragga Dee’s ‘lies’ infuriates voter

Voter angry with Ragga Dee

Voter angry with Ragga Dee

Raga Dee is one musician whose real name Kazibwe is known to very few people thus many can only recognize him from his looks.

So this self proclaimed ‘Jajja wa bayimbi or grand father of Musicians’ recently declared his intention to step into the murky waters of politics and contest for kampala Lord Mayor sailing with the NRM yellow bus.

His posters every where show a clean-shaven man looking every bit a serious gentleman, so many voters had now started to relate with him by virtue of him having changed from the rasta man

But alas, an old woman in Katwe who had planned to vote for him arguing that he can manage Kampala since he never fights with fellow musicians was shocked to bump into him with his usual rastas intact.

This old woman who could not believe what her eyes were seeing started wondering how Raga Dee could be clean-shaven in posters yet he still has those horrible rastas. Rumour has it that our man used photoshop to clean-shave himself but this avid supporter who was disappointed swore not to vote for him reasoning that he has started telling lies even before he is elected.

Rafiki can only caution Raga Dee to take note of these small things!



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