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What armed robbers told Geoffrey Lutaaya at gun point


What armed robbers told Geoffrey Lutaaya at gun point

Irene Namatovu with her husband Geoffrey Lutaaya. They were ambushed and robbed clean

Irene Namatovu with her husband Geoffrey Lutaaya. They were ambushed and robbed clean

There is nothing hilarious about someone being robbed, but our snoop eavesdropped on a conversation in which one of the Nu Eagles guys was narrating the ordeal to pals on what happened when Geofrey Lutaaya and his crew were ambushed and robbed at a place near Kalamba in Butambala district yesterday.

The narrative sounds interesting if not funny and for the benefit of keeping it original, we present it at it was told.

Also this perhaps should help clarify media reports that have suggested that Lutaaya and his wife Irene were flogged by the robbers at as they returned from a music tour.

It all started at what seemed like a road block where the road was barricaded:

Robber 1– Sumamma hapo, na toka kwa gari! (Stop there and get out of your car!)

Lutaaya; Banange abo ba defence oba babbi. (Friends are these defence people or robbers)

Driver: Owaye balina mundu tufulume (They have guns let us get out)

Robber 2: Buli omu ayogere sente zariina, temugeza kukuba simu ku polisi, ate mwena mugende eri mu kibira… (Everyone tell us how much money you have , dont try to call the police and all of you walk towards the forest)

After being checked and relieved of their belongings, the robbers dismantled all the victims’ phones (removed the batteries and the sim cards, then they even became friendly, assuring Lutaaya that they wont take their phones)

Robber 3– Wamma Lutaaya tukuyisiza bubi? (Lutaaya, have we treated you badly?)

Lutaaya: Nedda ssebo, lwakuba temungambye manya gamwe! (No sir, its only that you have not told me your names)

Robber 2– Ha mzee ago oligamanya olulala. (Ha boss the names will be for another time)

Robber 1– Wamma mzee bye ate genda mumaso no kukubira abantu muziki omulungi, bye! (Mzee please continue to sing good music for Ugandans)

Lutaaya ;- Bye

Our snoop reveals that the robbers left, leaving their victims without any pain inflicted on them. The thieves took the car, a Silver Alphade Reg. No. UAY 544Q. and the money which was the gate collection totaling Ushs1.6million.

Mbu the driver thought he would outsmart the thieves when he intentionally hid his phone in the car at the point the thieves ordered Lutaaya and group to exit. Speaking of kisirani, the thieves took off with the car as well!!



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