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Are Ugandans unbothered about their bad economy?


Are Ugandans unbothered about their bad economy?

Kenneth Mugabi

New kid on the block Kenneth Mugabi

With the ongoing economic problems facing this country, Ugandans still prove to be the best party animals in East Africa. Otherwise how do you explain the success of three shows all in one night in Kampala like it happened on Independence day?

Kenneth Mugabi’s maiden concert at National Theater, Club Beer’s Major Lazer show at Sheraton Hotel and Salvadors’ Africa Laughs Comedy Serena Hotel were yesterday all filled to capacity.

Kenneth’s Strings of My Soul had an entrance fee of 50k but the attendance virtually showed that 50k is now the new 20k.

For club bear, the entrance fee varied from 30 to 120k while that of Salvador was 100k per person and 3m per table but all this looked too affordable for Uganda’s party animals.



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