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“Survival of the Fittest”: The results after stopping Kyarenga


“Survival of the Fittest”: The results after stopping Kyarenga

The tear gas that filled Busabala on boxing day

The tear gas that filled
Busabala on boxing day

The Kyarenga concert which was to happen on Boxing Day at Busabala was unceremoniously cancelled by the Police which claimed that Bobi Wine had failed to follow the set guidelines. Hawkers and many other business folks made losses after the venue was seized by the Police which sprayed the whole place with pink tear gas and sealed off the place with armoured tanks.

Many Bobi supporters tried to comfort their artiste as some messages buzzed on social media asking him to share his mobile number for fans to send their entry fee and dance to his tunes from their homes.

As this all went on, the silent majority front lined by Gagamel CEO Bebe Cool were at Kiwatule enjoying their Mutima Gwa Zaabu concert. Its triumph prompted Bebe Cool to tag Kyarenga on his Facebook page with emojis portraying his delight.

Bebe cool's mutima ggwa Zaabu

Bebe cool’s mutima ggwa Zaabu

However, all would have been well if Bebe Cool saved his comments on how journalists were chattering after Bobi Wine’s Boxing Day event was cancelled yet they turned a deaf ear when he was bottle showered on stage at one time.

‘You’re here blubbering about how ‘One boy’s concert was cancelled. Who is he? Am I not Ugandan? Why don’t you put an equal pedestal for both of us?” Bebe wondered

His statements awakened many comments. Some applauded the State while others criticized saying Mutima Gwa Zaabu and Kyarenga were two competing shows and had happened for over ten years.

Some followers had this to comment after the success of Bebe Cool’s Mutima Gwa Zaabu

Andaman Daku

‘A victory without a competition is like a single man impregnating his own house maid.’

Kayita Innocent

‘You can’t fight with someone who has his hands tied and you think it fair…’

‘Caroline Wazemwa

‘Funny, how you pelted Bebe with bottles but wanted him to stand with Bobi.’

Katenta Sydney Musaazi ‘

Truth be told, Bobiwine has failed to distinguish between a political rally and a music concert, for those who watched Kyarenga concert you very well know. So let him not play a hero, he provoked the state, the force he used to throw words on them is the exact force they used against him.

The battle continued and this time, engaging events promoters yearning for clarity from President Museveni on whether Bobi Wine was officially burned from  events or not.

As everyone was struggling to let the world know who is who, Bobi Wine detached his ‘brother’ Bebe Cool from his ongoing struggle saying his issues are with the incumbent President. He also thinks it’s fair they join forces regardless of their differences.

‘This is not about me and Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool is my brother and my fellow artiste ……… We need to sensitize this country and make it fair for all whether we are friends or not.’

As Bebe Cool is thinking of asking Pope for an advert, a one Kabuye Boston, a Ugandan in the diaspora is circulating a video on social media threating Bebe Cool and warning his Bebe’s (mother)Who lives in Boston, saying that he (Kabuye) is going to make the mother’s life in America a living hell

kabuye Boston Robert

kabuye Boston Robert







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