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Bebe cool, Bobi wine shake hands, hug each other in the presence of Buganda Katikiro


Bebe cool, Bobi wine shake hands, hug each other in the presence of Buganda Katikiro

longtime rivals Bebe Cool and Bobi wine

longtime rivals Bebe Cool and Bobi wine shaking hands

Controversial singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe cool shook hands with his long-time rival known Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine who is also a member of parliament Kyadondo East

On Friday 4th during a concert of Eddy Kenzo 10 years celebrations at Serena hotel, the nation got shocked when the singer Bebe cool entered Venue and shook hands, shared hug with Bobi wine in the presence of Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga who always urged the two to reconcile’

The two have spent more than 15 years bickering, exchanging bitter Music lyrics, holding Music battles to determine who of the two is better

Bebe cool is a well-known supporter of National Resistance movement led by president Museveni while Bobi wine is opposition member of parliament representing the people of Kyadondo East and also doubles as a leader of people power movement

As time went on, the relationship between the two kept on deteriorating under unknown circumstances. Recently singer Bebe cool released a list of artists who did well in the year 2018 and among the list surprisingly Bobi wine’s famous song Kyarenga was included under single Hits however, he did criticise the song of being of poor quality stating that the singing Legislator used politics to push the song making it big in the music industry.

On Thursday 3rd, Singer Bebe cool was hosted on one of the political show in which he said there is no way he would let Bobi wine go

“There is no way I am going to let the guy (Bobi wine ) to go because he has been playing the game of public sympathy since we started Music with Jose Chameleon and that’s why they went down ” Bebe cool explained.

He further added that Bobi Wine is not a member of parliament, it’s Kyagulanyi who is a member of parliament, and the difference is that Bobi is using two faces to do two things at the same time.

Bebe cool also stated that Bobi Wine lied to Ugandans pretending that he was sick and seriously tortured by security agencies during the Arua Fracas.

“With the pain we saw on TV and information that came in during the Arua debacle, can you compare the pain on TV and the time of healing ,if I weigh the healing time , there is no way a person with a mind would believe that ” he submitted

It was hard to believe that the two would even shake hands, share hug and sit on the same table as rowdy revellers kept of chanting people and making noise.



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