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Gender ministry’s authority over artistes


Gender ministry’s authority over artistes

Minister peace Mutuzo

Minister peace Mutuzo

When the ministry for gender and culture presented the proposed laws set to direct the entertainment industry, artistes together with their legal advisor Norman Mbabazi retorted back with claims that the ministry has no position to direct such laws to the industry.

However,Minister peace Mutuuzo disproved their claim saying that the supreme law warrants her ministry to enact any law to any department that falls under ministry of gender.

‘Supreme law mandates the ministry of gender to conduct any policy that governs the creative industry.’ She clarified.

Mutuuzo elucidated that the proposed laws are aimed at helping artistes to have one stop center and stop wasting time moving from one ministry to another looking for government.

About the ministry of gender taking over the ministry of ICT’s duty, the state minister explained.

‘There is no problem between the two ministries as every ministry knows its duty. The whole film process is in creativity which is art but its product is in ICT. When the process is going on, it is under ministry of gender and when the product comes, then that is ICT.

In the same way, Peace mutuuzo is to meet musicians next week. She urges them to come with positive minds for the road map that will help curb their demands, guide and develop them.






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