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Fashion police at Rema’s kwanjula


Fashion police at Rema’s kwanjula

Rema’s introduction ceremony  was one of a kind as it attracted all kinds of people from all walks of life, celebrities like cindy, chameleone, john blaq all attenede amidst other public figures.

Most local celebrities attended the ceremony to support their own, fro the love they have towards RemA they had to attend the ceremony as invited..

And this was a perfect opportunity for celebrities to show off their style unlike some who were just a disgrace,

Most of them were dressed in ‘kanzus’ and ‘gomesi’ for the gents and ladies respectively.

Anatalia and Chameleone also attended the event.

John Blaq decided to dress like he was going to the garden or for a music show. His outfit was a total misfire with buttons unclosed.

The “Tukwatagane” hit maker was  totally out of place, one would think he just got an ubrupt call that very morning inviting him to attend Rema’s function not living Cindy and Winnie Nwagi out as they also did not look good at the function .

However their appearances disappointed. They broke the rules of the dress code – Busuti for women and Kanzu for men. Some women totally failed to rock the Busuti; their sashes were on the verge of falling off their bodies.



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