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Bad Black hits Don Bahati with a wine glass


Bad Black hits Don Bahati with a wine glass

The “basamaza’s” always jet in every December to enjoy christmas with their families, parties in the past were hosted by the likes of the late Ivan Semwanga’s rich gang, Don zella’s gal power among others.

This december, only one event was hosted by socialite Don Bahati Lubega at club Govnor.

Don Bahati’s cake.

The party that was hosted on boxing day named “Money, Power and Fame” brought fans and friend of Don Bahati, Don Zella and Bad Black who attended together.

The night started aout well with all the “Basamaz” and their fans dancing to the nice music, Bahati gave a speech about his upcoming musician Carl Famous whom he gave a brand new car.

Amidst all the snap chat online updates was a video of Bad Black opening Bahati’s bag which clearly didnt have money as he had announced earlier which made fans angry.

It is alleged that when Don Bahati realised, he attacked Bad Black and told everyone how broke she is and has no money, this angered Bad black who then hit him with a wine glass.

According to Don Bahati, he was begged to allow Bad Black attend the party but he doesn’t know why she hit him with a glass.

“I didn’t make Bad Black broke, she should just hate herself, it is not my fault that she is nolonger rich, I work hard and I advise her to also go and work hard.”

Don Bahati filed a case against Bad Black from Jinja road police station under REF: 02/27/12/209 this morning.

However, Bad Black also took time to mock the socialite saying, “Don Bahati? Kasukali Keko” she posted.



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