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Mc Kats sees the light, seeks ARVs after 8 yrs on herbal


Mc Kats sees the light, seeks ARVs after 8 yrs on herbal

MC Kats and Fille Mutoni

MC Kats and baby mama Fille Mutoni.

Ever since popular events host Edwin Katamba aka Mc Kats revealed he was HIV positive, a lot has been said and speculated.

While at Wave Lounge last week, Kats said he is HIV positive and repeated the same in an interview with one of the local television channels.

Kats said he has been living with the virus that causes AIDS for 8 years.

A life of denial?

But McKats revealed that he has been taking herbal medicine to treat AIDS. This is however likely to alarm many who thought he was exposed enough to know better.

He says he has now discovered that herbal doesn’t work on AIDS and as a result, he has decided to seek Anti-retroviral treatment in hospitals.

“If you know that you are sick, please go to the hospital and get treatment, herbal medicine alone doesn’t work,” he said.

But his choice to stick to herbal rather than seek proper Anti-retroviral treatment that is standard treatment for people living with HIV, perhaps comes from the sense of denial that many people endure by taking herbal medicine in the fear of admitting they are sick.

Kats revealed: “People are sick but they don’t want to tell the world, this is not cancer or diabetes but it’s not a crime to be HIV positive. You can get help, I have been sick for 8 years I have been using herbal medicine but it doesn’t work, use the right medicine.”

Mc Kats will be at Wave Lounge today hosting his show called “King of the Mic.”



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