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MC Kats attempts suicide days after being admitted to Butabika


MC Kats attempts suicide days after being admitted to Butabika


The latest news indicates how MC Kats tried to commit suicide days after being taken into rehab.

There has been a lot of concern about his health status ever since revealing that he was doing drugs after being diagnosed positive with HIV/Aids and Pneumonia.

Kats finally accepted to check in at Butabika hospital for rehabilitation and therapy to attain the necessary health assistance.

He however said he will not allow anyone to force him to do anything without his consent because he is’nt mad.

“I have reached the hospital and will be here for three days, but if I get tired, I will not be forced to do what I don’t want to do because I am not stupid.” said Kats.

Kats could not avoid being tempted to commit suicide days after he had been admitted, security had to calm him down to bring him to his senses.

A video which cieculated on facebook showed  Kats climbing a water tank at the hospital and trying to jump off while shouting for help.

“I am not coming down, Call whoever you wanna call, I am not scared, I need help help, nooo I am tired of this place.” Kats cried out.

It is not the first time Kats is attempting to end his life. During their London visit in 2019, his friend DJ Slick Stuart shared news on his social media platform requesting fans to pray for Kats condition and videos circulated on social media showing how he tried to take his own life.



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