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Sheebah ventures into pads business


Sheebah ventures into pads business

Singer Sheebah Karunji.

Singer Sheebah Karungi has ventured into new business besides earning from just music.

Sheeba who has a clothing line and hair business (Sheebah by Natna), the crooner has embarked on a sanitary pad business which she confirmed this week. Her new venture is in Sanitary pads. She has confirmed owning Holic Sanitary Pads. Which is a new ladies outfit in town.

Holic Pads

Sheebah shared on facebook what inspired her to start a sanitary pads business to her ventures. She said that this business is meant to empower women who she has promised to give jobs in big numbers.

“My company will hire 80% of qualified women once our headquarters open up. I want to change lives and show the world that we have qualified women who can do the same things as men but don’t get the opportunities to” Sheebah said.

Sheebah further said that she wants to empower the girl child. She reiterated  that her business is not about making money but to provide different opportunities to different women at different levels and to also to raise awareness on the importance of availing sanitary pads to girls.

Sheebah narrated how hard it was for her to accomplish this feat and how unconfortable it can be for a girl child use rags as she used them for her menstrual cycle when she was a young girl.

“Growing up as a girl in Africa is not easy at all especially when it comes to the health issues that men can’t relate to. Yes, I am referring to Menstrual cycles. I remember getting my first period at the age of 14. At that moment I was living with my mother who was a single mother, so pads were never in our budget.”

“My mother used to cut out pieces of clothes for me to use as pads. This caused a lot of discomfort to me and I don’t ever want any little girl to ever go through what I experienced. I have endured a lot of irritation and infections due to using cheap, uncomfortable brands that are being sold to us females in Africa.

I actually stopped using pads when I joined the singing group “Obsessions”. When I joined this group, I finally could afford other alternatives/products like tampons, but the same issues still occurred. Even with switching to tampoons I still got sores and irritations and this made me very concerned about what we are really using on our bodies.” she added.

” This hasn’t been an easy journey, it took me four years, trying different samples, switching companies, and making sure I got the best partners/team.” Sheebah narrates.

Sheebah has for the years been an inspiration to the women as she has gone out of her way to see that women are empowered in any way.

She hopes to raise enough awareness and give back to those that can not afford pads.

“I hope to raise enough awareness so we can give back to those who can’t afford pads at all. I just want to change people’s lives just like my fans have changed mine. I want to use the love I have now to change the world.”Sheebah added.



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