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Grenade stings ex-lover ‘Maggie’ in new song


Grenade stings ex-lover ‘Maggie’ in new song

Musician Grenade Official

‘Nkuloga’ singer Grenade official recently released a new song called ‘ WALI USER’ on top of his club bangers.

The message in the song is dedicated to UK based ex-girlfriend Nnalongo Maggie late AKA 47’s widow.

The two love birds broke up recently after Grenade signed a new contract with UK based Hustle Records.

Grenade had an agreement with Maggie and she was supposed to sign him as her artist after managing him for a while and also sponsoring his music.

Singer Grenade official and Ak 47’s widow Nalongo Maggie

This came as a shocker to Maggie which made her furious to the extent of claiming that Grenade official is allegedely a ‘homosexual’ and she also refuted rumors that the two were dating.

However Grenade has released his song and the message in it is hinting on how Maggie used him for her own benefit.

“I have never been your first option, Wali user wandaba nga looser, you got what you asked for.”

When asked wether this song was particulary meant for Maggie. Grenade said; “Just like everyone has an Ex and they write a song dedicated to that person that is what I have done, I have dedicated the song to my Ex, but I have no problem with Maggie or any other woman because I respect women.”

Recently a homosexual blogger named Beyonce Max Jo has been flooding social media with posts of Grenade claiming that the latter is his bae and no one should tamper with him.




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