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Malwa joints defy Coronavirus directive, operate behind closed doors


Malwa joints defy Coronavirus directive, operate behind closed doors

People drinking Malwa commonly known as Ajono.

Malwa joints in some of Kampala’s suburbs have turned their backs on President Yoweri Museveni’s directive to close their places, The Sunrise can reveal.

This past Wednesday, President Museveni directed that all bars, schools, betting houses, places of worship close with immediate effect, as a measure to reduce gatherings that have been key in precipitating the spread of the Coronavirus disease that is sweeping across the world.

Information verified by The Sunrise indicates that some of Malwa (local brew) drinkers in Kitintale and Luzira,  where the brew is common, proprietors of Malwa joints have defied the directive by continuing to sell the beer behind closed doors.

By 7.00pm yesterday all bars at the road side in Kitintale along Port bell road, were closed. But sources revealed this was just to hoodwink the law enforcers because clients were busy enjoying their drinks in silence (without any music playing).

More interesting perhaps is that both the proprietors and customers deployed scouts to be on the look out for any police officers who may be surveying to alert them in advance.

One bar owner (names withheld) in one of the Malwa corners in ‘Kifufu’- Kitintale asked her customers to drink  so fast to avoid being arrested by police.

“Drink fast because by 9.00pm I will be closing the bar, I don’t want to get arrested by police, the chairman warned us to close but if we don’t work how will we feed our children,” she asked.

She also offered to carry to booze to their homes the following day and asked customers to still come as early as 4.00pm drink and go home.

Customers seemed unbothered claiming that Corona can’t find them where they are, “they told us that waragi can help prevent the virus, that is what we are consuming, After all Uganda has not registered any case so far.” Drunkards said

Malwa joints are one of the most crowded places that gather people whether corporate or not.

The Chairman Kifufu David Wasirye says that, he warned people operating bars to close in fear that they would be arrested.

“I warned them to close yesterday but if they insist on working then they will be arrested. They are some that are big headed if police takes them, I will not be responsible for their mistakes.”

He advised: “If you want, buy your drinks and drink comfortably at home because we want to prevent the virus and also respect Government directives.”

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) said it plans to carry out operations to enforce the directive across the city.

“This operation will go on day and night to enforce Directives issued by the President in fighting the deadly COVID- 19 caused by Coronavirus,” the authority said.






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