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Apass’s non violent protest


Apass’s non violent protest

A pass is one of the Artists who have taken it upon themselves to voice discontent about ill in Uganda’s society. Often, the artists use his social media to rally supporters against abuses including human rights violations.

The following is one of those Protesting is allowed in Uganda under the constitution but not under this crazy government that is scared of the people because of its wickedness, you protest they arrest.

They don’t protect us they protect their political interests that’s why so many young people that support Bobi Wine are in prison.

Uganda Police Force should be ashamed of themselves for always protecting the political interests of the few so-called powerful people, you are our sisters and brothers, our parents and grand parents but your manners and behavior are not in line with what you should be doing.

Bobi Wine can protest and so should any Ugandan if they feel unfairly treated or feel like other people are unfairly treated and any one of you officers or politicians that use your offices to oppress Ugandans will pay when the time comes and it’s coming like a thief in the night, you will have to answer to the people that you oppressed.

Ugandans today it’s Bobi wine tomorrow they are knocking on your door, wake up and stand for what is right and talk against what is wrong.

Politicians work for us, not the other way round.
#freedom #FreeThePeople



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