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‘In this hard fight, we shall achieve’


‘In this hard fight, we shall achieve’

The late Nelson Mandela achieved his goals even after coming from prison

The late Nelson Mandela achieved his goals even after coming from prison


Some people have already started wondering, at The sunrise. But, unlike other papers, we are the sunrise, so we let the sunshine of hope to shine upon our readers that they might be seen by what others are seeking in this world full of darkness.

Unless someone is directed, one may not realize that opportunities are ever near people and that those with eyes can always pick up opportunities if they wish and go away with them.

Those who saw us in the beginning said we would never go perhaps even the first few months of the year. They rarely saw this in the papers they often read. Medical people tell us to bathe every day to live in good health. I know.

It is the reason I know that inspiration is also needed by people if they are improve on their lives and to later go on to be completely transformed. We started this and it shall be finished.

It may look a long walk, to hopeless viewers, but no good results come easily. Nelson Mandela was put in prison and he spent 27 years there before freedom in South Africa prevailed.

Sometime I laugh at politicians who say I am now a jigger in their feet, fighting hard to have their political feet amputated. In fact I am their true friend. I tell them the things which most politicians ignore, yet they are very things which almost forced Nkurunziza, in Burundi, out of power.

Don’t hate me. I said Kizzza Besigye’s dream is to rule this country and to please his tribe’s men and women and his family. Whatever it is, I was born to change the world. And this I have always wanted!

‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve’, a certain respected philosopher once said. You shall get there against all odds. The belief I had in myself helped me, I would have been deep far into Owino market, not as an administrator, but there looking for the daily bread and some happiness often acquired by sitting near a lady who the ordinary person calls beautiful.

Oh dear! Look at the population of boda-boda riders in this country. You will wonder and the result will be sobbing. Even today I ask myself the age at which Museveni went to the bush to fight for the common people.

I look at the youth who do odd jobs and continue to pray for the opposition in this country. Will they ever conquer power? If forcefully, forget about that!

Mr. Sejjusa, how are you these days? Last night I walked through the city center, deep in the night. I saw Kirumira’s building. I saw another one owned by Kitandwe. I looked ahead and I saw several arcades owned by the other ‘Kwagalana’ tycoons in this country and scratched my head.

Few people were in town but I saw that they thought about nothing but how they could make their businesses profitable.

Taxi drivers also spend the entire day thinking of how they can escape the wrath of taxi park managers. If politics is a profession, so many people are to continue retiring from their jobs to concentrate on looking for political seats because we now have very few thinkers in this country and anybody can rule forever if he wishes!

Sometimes I don’t care to know how much money our members of parliament get. But it must quiet large sums of money.

The politics played by Lukwago against Sematimba amazed me. Expect bigger challenges ahead but you must know that, as I said, your time is at hand. Remain focused. Your fists, and your eyes, must be at the enemy.

No one, except God, and the words that he gives me, can help you overcome. Pray. Prayer works. The Lord is your shepherd and you shall never want. I see you rising above other people’s heads. Don’t lose hope. You will get there. The world can view you like it pleases but in you must remain someone determined to fight to the last man.

We are in the election period. Listen to what those involved are saying but remember that beside you is a guide willing to open your eyes and to awaken you even deep in the night to tell you the truth. You can do it!

We are all sometimes overcome by enemies like fear but we often control ourselves and overcome it and move on to run swiftly to achieve our goals that we said, to the world, that we would achieve.

I feel good in my heart, for I am always able to stand up and talk when others have become afraid and wanting to run away leaving me there alone. But what can we do? Should we stop talking because what we talk is not what others want to hear?

We can’t keep quiet because someone said we should. And if we should, walls will tell. Stones will turn around to move. And mentally disturbed people will discover something and cause chaos in town, bringing the city to a standstill.

In this hard fight, we shall achieve! It is just the beginning. Be punctual next week. I will come with more unbelievable secrets. ‘The struggle is my life.’

Sekka Bagenda is a writer.

An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

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