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‘Put your eggs in one basket’

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‘Put your eggs in one basket’

Eggs in one basket

Eggs in one basket


Whatever is going on in the world, good or bad, let’s continue to believe that it’s part of life. Just recently, we lost a general, whom we all believe he had done more good than harm for this country. Let the soul of General Aronda rest in eternal peace. We lost him at the time we needed him most.

I mourn, because I respected him. But, now, I must forget the tears and tell you something which you perhaps needed to hear since long time ago.

Men, who the world had declared well-known failures, turned their lives around and raced into the unknown destinations, full of milk and honey, after discovering the secret that Plato and the likes discovered to make it in life, in the years when human portage was almost the commonest means of transport!

It was because of concentration that the world saw great authors of the past years. No politicians, great enough, would have seen the highest peak in his political career if he had not listened and later accepted to put his eggs in one basket.

A motivational author who made himself incredible made me continue to make more research about the positive results of concentration when he said, “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket.” That simple line washed away my ignorance about concentration.

If it was not because of concentration, the words of my relative would have followed me even into my last days on the death bed, after giving up. He called me a wiseacre who could not do anything to move this world to the next level.

But his words were fuel poured into the already fighting soul. I did not give up! He later punished me by refusing to give me the two hundred shillings I had asked from him to buy a candle to read a book that I admired so much! I did not mind still.

Some teachers do not concentrate and so they end up excelling at nothing and therefore remain in poverty for years. The most successful teachers in classroom are those who dedicated their entire lives to teaching.

Lucky Dube died a musician. The mighty Michael Jackson sung and danced almost throughout his life. Jose Chameleone concentrated on music and made himself a name and got himself, also, followers, who are willing to even worship him if it’s that he needs.

No one in this world can honestly say that he had no respect for Michael. He danced and sang until the world paid attention. Men and women praised him, and gave him money just to make him happy. Babies often smiled having heard Michael Jackson singing!

Sam Simbwa and Mike Mutebi are among the few real coaches this country has. They put themselves up there because they decided early in life and gave their whole lives to the game, football. If you are the Magogo, you must need the ideas of such men.

President Museveni left the cows that he would have looked after for the rest of his life and went to the jungle to liberate men and women who were tired of Lutwa and his group. Watch the basket so that what you put there might not be destroyed by onlookers.

No one would have sung Maradona, or Pele, or Cantona in songs, praising them, if these men did not concentrate on football. Ask yourself why Ibra Sekajja or Batabaire are even today close to FUFA and other players here. Ask!

They ignored Owino market or the old taxi park and went hungry and walked long distances in search of dusty pitches to play football. They eventually did. Obua senior’s enemy wait! Don’t celebrate. David Obua’s dream of ruling our football is still alive!

Nash Wonder did not concentrate. It was the reason he did not stay long on the throne. Paddy man concentrates.

All the friends of Edgar Watson must sit and think. They will know why Edgar became the chief executive officer of the federation of football in this country. Nothing else made Edgar; it was putting all his eggs in one basket.

Kato Lubwama concentrated on comedy. Abbey Mukiibi won himself favour at Mengo and CBS because of his ability to make people laugh. Ssebata will tell you why he is still alive and singing. But do you really know why Mbabazi or Otafiire or Kuteesa are still active in politics?

Learn if you can, from Andrew Benon Kibuuka and Siasa Senkubuge or A. Matovu Joy. They all discovered the truth and concentrated. Paddy Bitama went so soon. Sam Bagenda, a.k.a Dr. Bbosa, will talk for himself why he has remained in the field for so many years.

The late Bbale Francis read news until he died, but those who know him better say he died a happy man. Robert Mugabe concentrated on ruling.

The 27 years that Mandela spent in prison taught him lessons and he vowed to fight tooth and nail, swearing that he would lead South Africa.

Yusuf Lule ruled for only 68 days. Perhaps his head had so many things that had occupied it by then. Paulo Muwanga thought anger could make big headed men obey. Leadership by force is outdated. Concentrate and you shall make more miracles! In one basket, all your eggs must be!


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