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Bobi Wine is my inspiration in Music


Bobi Wine is my inspiration in Music

I want to do a collabo with Shebah Karungi

Twaha Masanga is inspired by Bobi Wine to strat music

Twaha Masanga is inspired by Bobi Wine to strat music

Twaha Sulyman Masanga, is a book writer. He has published with MK Publishers, but he is also a musician who says that he was inspired by Bobi Wine. His music journey begun six years ago, the Sunrise’s Stephen Kalema caught up with him and below are excerpts of the interview:

Question: Which type of music do you sing?

Answer: Band music.

Q: What is the name of your band?

A: I don’t belong to any band; I am a solo artiste.

Q: When did you start singing?

A: I started singing during my childhood and we used our father’s radio cassette to record what we used to sing, but in 2010 I started singing professionally.

Q: When did you develop interest in professional music?

A: I got the interest and passion from Bobi Wine when he was launching what he called his EDUTAINMENT ‘Caroline’.

Q: When was your first recording?

A: I made my first recording In 2012 and my first song was, ‘Jukira Katonda’.( Remember God)

Q: So far, how many albums do you have?

A: I have only one album titled, ‘Entununsi zo Mukwano’,(The pulse of love)  and it has eight songs.

Q:  How many videos do you have?

A: I have three videos so far.

Q: What are your best and worst memories in music?

A: My best memory is when I sung on the same stage with Stecia Mayanja’s launch of ‘Equalizer’, at Club Explore in Namasuba.  I sung, ‘Jukira Katonda’. During the occasion. My worst memory is when I went to Calendar Rest House inMakindye for a show, and the Master of Ceremonies asked the audience if they would entertain an artiste with CDs. Unfortunately, the audience refused the CDs and since I only had  a CD, I was therefore denied the opportunity to perform.

Q: Who is your best male artiste, and which of his songs is your best?

 A: My best male artiste is, Ronald Mayinja, and for me his best song is, ‘Rwemba Nawe’.

Q: Your best female artiste?

 A: My best female artiste is, Juliana Kanyomozi, and her best song for me is, ‘Kibaluma’.

Q: Which musician would you like to do a collabo with?

A:  Shebah Karungi.

Q:  What are the challenges you have faced these six years in music?

A:  Music is full of frustrations and competition from the already successful artistes. Also, money is a problem because I don’t have a promoter, therefore as I am a sole artiste, financing becomes a big problem.

Q: Where can one find your music?

A: My music is on Amazon website and even on YouTube videos.

Q: How do you deal with music and family responsibilities at the same time?

A: I don’t find any problem dealing with my family responsibilities because I have on two children who do not give me any hadaches its only music which still give me a challenge but I am sure one day I shall overcome.



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