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Miss Tourism Buganda joins Mamba clan Dinner to raise funds for a modern heritage site


Miss Tourism Buganda joins Mamba clan Dinner to raise funds for a modern heritage site

Miss Tourism Buganda Margret Nakaye

Miss Tourism Buganda Margret Nakaye

Miss Tourism Buganda has finally thrown her weight behind the highly anticipated “Ebbinu Makeke”  Mmamba Clan Diner” scheduled for next week (8th December), at Kololo Gardens.

“All funds raised during this dinner will go towards building the Mmamba Cultural site at Nkajja located off Entebbe Road in Wakiso district; this is an initiative far beyond an individual but a collective effort to keep the tourism industry flourishing with lasting memories’ said Margret Nakaye.

According to Margret Nkajja has great cultural heritage information that remains unknown to many and building a heritage centre will help in reviving the little unknown cultural information visa vie strengthening the clan’s position.

Asked why Nkajja? Margret revealed that, Nkajja is believed to be the place where Gabunga Mubiru settled after ousting Kabaka Bemba Musota in the 14th century due to dictatorial rule.

The success of this dinner will see the second biggest cultural heritage centre build in the Kingdom after Kasubi Tombs.

According to Margret, the campaign is aimed at raising close to 4billion shillings to kick start the preparation of the site including clearing the bush, leveling the compound and putting up decent infrastructure to be used by guest visiting the site.

John Ssempebwa, The deputy chief executive director Uganda tourism board who accompany the reigning queen to the proposed site noted that as the project kick starts there is great hope for the youth to get spotty jobs during the project cycle and even when the project finally comes to life.

The Mmamba clan (Lung) Fish of Buganda is one of the largest clan with a very rich cultural heritage. With very strong and energetic people thus, it’s the one responsible for supply the Kabaka’s Navy with troops.

A visit to Nkajja presented the old traditional site for blacksmith, artistic rocks in addition to royal backcloth making spot that needs not to be neglected.



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