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Ever-shining Irene Ntale? Yes, she will shine!


Ever-shining Irene Ntale? Yes, she will shine!

Irene Ntale will surely shine

Irene Ntale will surely shine

With singer Irene Ntale parting ways with top musical label, Swangz Avenue, where she has been since 2013, music pundits have been drawing conclusions  that this maybe the end of the “Nzena Nzena” singer, who rose to stardom way back in 2012 with songs like, “Love Letter”.

The “Ninda Olindaba” singer, who has been with Swangz for the past four years, is undisputedly a self-made star and a rare talent who climbed to the top because of her talent.

Swangz Avenue has signed many artistes and undoubtedly no one has been as successful as Ntale, who was spotted in 2012, given the rise of magnetic Nakanwagi Winnie, alias, Winnie Nwagi.

The Musical Ntale

Music is not something that can be measured by who manages the artiste or the musical label. It means one can play an instrument well, but in no way does that translate to making a musician. A musician is someone who cannot only play, but who can understand, write, perform and feel music basically. Ntale is defined by all the above.

Like everything else in the music business, the role of the artiste’s manager is changing. In the good old days, managers largely concerned themselves with helping the artiste, with whom they worked, get record deals. Currently, a musician/artiste can do both, especially in a Third World, where finding top manager like, Troy Carter (Managing Lady Gaga and John Legend), Kevin Liles, among others, is difficult.

What many will not understand is that, Ntale’s partying ways with Swangz, has nothing to do with her talent. This is because of the fact that most Musical Label and Artiste managers play a business development role rather than adding to their singing talents. So, whoever thinks of investing in the music business where Ntale is involved in is in a viable investment. Ntale will be getting a new “investor” and perhaps the layout will continue to be good in that the usual template.

A fortnight ago, this paper carried a story, “Top Musicians to Watch in 2017”, and it was noted that a career is not cemented in one night, with one breakout show – or with one collector’s token of approval. Ntale did not make that list because the Swangz management was virtually trying to over shadow the “Sembera” singer while hiking Nwagi. It may have been a contributing factor  to see Ntale finding her exist door.

However, this does not dip Ntale’s shining star; and a talent scout has illuminated that she can even glow in the dark.

The Ntale You Don’t Know

Irene Ntale is a singer, song-writer and guitarist. Her solo career has seen her develop a unique sound of RnB, Reggae and Acoustic Soul style. With conscious and positive lyric, the 23-year old, has shared live stages with Nneka from Nigeria, Jahcoustics from Germany, among other global music idols.




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