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‘This is in the market place’


‘This is in the market place’


in your heart, to pursue what you truly deserve?

Some people will sob for ever. Others, like you, will,at last, discover all the truth and this will separatethem from the crowd of peoplethat is ever complaining, blaming fellow men for not leading them to the fertile land that the almighty always promises.

Youare already showing us that enough must be enough.  The world is far from where it was, in 1978. Things are done differentlyand for us, we need big things. I will never buy, if the product, I am in need of, is not that that I desire.

I was greatlymisunderstood last year. People called me names and some, strongly, put it that perhaps I was trying to harden people’s hearts so that I may ready them for a certain war against a group of people in this country.

I am truly neutral and let me hope, again, that I will never promote any politicianwhile standing here.  In me am satisfied and, no one can bribe me into doing thingsI am not willing to give my time.

You cannot grow rich if you fear. This world is ruled, and you must do all you can to get what you desire. People, who are today bad,were once merciful.

It is the people we deal with that force us behave rudely, against our fellow man. Do you know anything about the market place today?

Look, uneducated men, and women,are today boasting and laughing at you men who wasted a lot of years in school.

They say they sing better than you. They say whatever award that is forwarded, by the selfish hand of this world, to be competed for, is taken by them.

They are the ones praying for you, in places of worship, so that you may succeed.

I was surprised when I discoveredthat even the best teachers, at all levels, are not those who possessed the greatest brains, during their time in school.

If the richest men here didn’t go to school, then the market palace must be something different from what you thought it was. Our people here, in politics, rarely talk about the degrees they acquired from Harvard.

It is clear that what I do today was not taught tome at the Harvard of Africa. The market place is full and the people, who laugh and survive, while there, are those who lack fear in their hearts. Donald trump groped women. He abused whoever attacked him, during hiscampaign, to the hovel office. He undermined formidable journalists and mocked those who are disabled.

Even while speaking at his inauguration, he was unrepentant. He is a billionairebusiness man and the only thing he needs is money, and those other things that make life better. He will not obey.

Trump accomplished what he wanted. The blind electorate in American voted him into power, and that is all.

For the nextfour years, it will be Donald Trump, in America.I had to tell you not to fear and how to fight,before I embarked on advising you never to lie to your associates.

Now I am settled in my heart. I will also tell you about honesty, and persistence. The worldis sohard, on soft people.

And when the giant knocks your head, to put you down, refuse to go down. Squat, but, in your heart, remain standing.

Your children are, surely, at home. The other one is there, in a powerful school, and the huge bellied man, who owns him, misused your country’s money, the other day.

Rise up and open your eyes. Do not be so backward. See!

This man has left me free, to talk about whatever I see taking place,throughout the country. It is now his time.

For more than 15 years, it has been one man coming against him. When will Besigye create room, to let others see what we, the country thinkers, see? When?

The market place gives room to only those willing to think and act. These people are here fighting for the little cake here and the doctor is busy pressing the buttons on the calculator, to make sure that he creates no room for any other thinker in this country.

They always ask me why I am always seen sitting alone, creating a great room between me and most politicians here. Those people want small things, yet for me I want to say, always, ‘America first’.

Trump is selfish in his heart. Could we also do something for our country?I warn all grown up musicians inthis country. Complaints are full now, here at my table. You are misbehaving in the market place.

Your names are going to be mentioned, if you continue to prove that you can never sit and think and compose good songs, for yourself.

Music producers are so careless now. Good songs, of upcoming musicians are stolen, in your studios,while you watch. I will embarrass you and knock you down.

We own power. The market place gives no chance to fools. “Are you brave?” The market place asks.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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