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Regan Commits Suicide, as His Mother Comes to Our Home


Regan Commits Suicide, as His Mother Comes to Our Home




In the second episode, so she introduced a condom to avoid infecting her husband because Reagan was HIV-positive. Remember this is a true story, thus the names of the people and places used in it have been altered to keep the identity of those involved.


The story continues…

“Hajji Ashraf, that day, when my husband left with Regan, I rushed to that big laboratory on Bombo Road. I talked to the doctor there who advised me not to worry. He gave me PEP and took my urine sample. He told me that, I don’t only need my husband’s semen, but even a strand of hair or nail would do; that even if I got any sample from Regan, it would work as he could just compare the DNA of the two samples to find and prove whether they are the same, hence, Regan’s.

“But Regan had left. The doctor also advised me to avoid live sex with my husband, just in case. This would be until he (the doctor) found out the truth. He told tell me that in case Regan had done it, I would have to use condoms at least for six months for him to complete the check-ups. He stopped talking.

“I was in tears. I imagined buying condoms, found it unthinkable; and I decided to request him to buy for me. He surprised me when he pulled one out of the drawers and gave me a full box. I looked around to see whether nobody was looking, before I pushed the box into my bag. He took my blood sample and I left.

“Hajji Ashraf, I drove home in deep thought and I can’t tell you where I passed to reach home. But I remembered that at a traffic jam, a Police officer came and asked me whether I had a problem. I realized that I was crying and the cars were already moving but I had not been moving with the traffic.

When I reached home, it was as if I was somewhere deep in the forest; I was so lonely.

“Hajji Ashraf, I had not informed you that our children where in boarding schools – the best schools. The one in Primary was in Taibha International Schools where we could pick her at any weekend we wanted. James never wanted house maids. We had these professional house cleaners who would come when need and a gate man.

“As usual when we were to make love, James kept sending phone messages to put me in mood. I would also respond to them warmly. Time passed and James came home a bit early.

Bambi, he was in his best moods. He came with fried fish, still hot in foil paper. We ate it with beer and some whisky. But I was very careful not to get drunk. We played in the house and I could see he was enjoying the evening. But my heart was pumping fast.

“He started kissing deeply in the living room, pushing me towards the three-seat sofa. I was starting to get hot when I remembered the condoms. They were in the bedroom. I continued to act, pushed him jokingly and ran to the bedroom where he followed me.

“I entered the bathroom to calm down and started cleaning myself. But I was pretending. He started talking about Regan; that he was crying as they were going to the hostel. He never wanted to leave this house; that he liked me and he was free with me.

“That he (James) almost returned him to the house because Regan was so emotional that he (James) felt bad about it; that Regan had to him  that he (Regan) was sorry; oba, for what?. James had told him to be sorry for himself. James ended laughing as I came out of the bathroom before he entered it, too.

“Hajji Ashraf, I had dressed in my best ka night dress. But when my husband touched me with a condom hidden in my fist, chills ran over my body. He started kissing me. I went dry, but gained courage and requested him to use a condom as I gave it to him.

Banange. Hajji, it was as if I had pulled out a rattle snake. He jumped off the bed and barked at me: ‘WHAT’.

“He never called me; Cathy, but Honey – always. This time he called my name and said; ‘Cathy what do you mean. Me? To use a condom on you? Since when?’

“At first, he thought I was joking, but he saw that I was serious.

“Hajji Ashraf, the man started crying like a baby. I was defeated and almost gave in, but I remembered our kids.

“He became violent and tried to rape me, but as you see me with my physique, I managed to pull him off me and in the process he injured his arm. I ran and locked myself in the children’s bedroom.

“James continued to cry, saying a lot of things; and swearing never to use a condom on me. He was seated just there leaning outside the locked door. He begged me to but I did not open. He started complaining of his arm and I heard the agony in his voice. I felt so sad that I was unable to help him in such pain.

“Later he called his mother. I was not ready for this scenario. I opened to go and stop him but, banange, he had locked himself inside our bedroom. I heard him telling his mother that I had broken his arm for refusing to use a condom. He was really crying. And James was mummy’s boy.

“I heard my phone ringing as it was in our bedroom but I could hear that he refused to pick it. I knew it was his mummy calling. I begged him to answer her, but he refused; the phone kept ringing.

“She called him again; and James told her that I had refused to pick my phone. It was now after midnight. He continued groaning and I had nothing to do but to cry, too. I heard a car on the gate. And heard the gate man running to open; he had listening to us making all that noise; I felt ashamed of myself.

“It was his mother. I opened the door for her; she was crying, too.

“She asked me what the problem was. Then, James opened our bedroom door and called to her. She ran towards her son, and I followed her. We held each other crying. But I cud see the confusion in her eyes.

“As we settled to talk, James’ phone rang. He picked and from his look, I could judge that it was bad news.

Banange, Hajji Ashraf, Regan had taken poison, leaving a note….”

 Fans thanks for reading this piece. Send your likes and comments. We shall continue our next episode next week Allah bless you all.



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