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‘Be black in peace’


‘Be black in peace’


Together we started this. It will yield fruits. Trust me. I once sought for a coin and found none. People who today praise me, once erected high barriers and wanted me to remain in jail for all the years they wanted.

I fought hard and escaped, as I tried to walk with tired feet with nothing in the basket, to fight the hunger that was likely to attack me along the way. Believers and non believers prayed for the other year to end.

The lazy ones are going to cry so hard this year still.  The world is heading into a certain direction. It is developing at a speed it had never before in the entire history. The axe is high and whoever tempers to sleep on the job will definitely be axed this year. Your video must be good and good means money was spent. Free things no longer exist.

I sympathize with those who cry now, thinking God perhaps forgot them. The almighty knows more about your problems and the sweat you sweat every day. You are complaining. You are saying all things are against you now. Just believe. You will make it.

Now, I hope you will understand the word black, as used here, in this article. Be black in peace. The heart-breaking struggles you are passing through are shaping you.  You are being made the man or woman we shall admire tomorrow.

I wrote, for a lot of years, and no one paid attention to me.  My relatives labeled me the most useless person on earth.

I was ignored and now spent most of time alone, in the jungles and hills, praying to God wanting Him to reveal to me what really had gone wrong. I now know. It was right for me to pass through all the poverty I passed through. You can’t tell it to any one accurately if really you didn’t witness it happening. I now know.

The best journalists are those who are well-travelled. The best teachers interact with learners. A thief, who then turns into a judge, will know what to do when handling the suspects forwarded to him. You are going through something terrible. I know.

Stop worrying. Go to sleep, and sleep soundly. Abstain from the sleeping tablets. You are in the class room my friend, and great lessons are going to be learnt.  Do not take away your life. I saw it all.

I learnt about all the values of honesty, when I tried to practice it during all my years of poverty.  It paid me handsomely. All the people who once treated me like a dog and deliberately starved me of the things I needed, to head into the future smiling, are now at my door calling upon me to go back to their struggling empires so that I may reveal to them the secrets I used to, in those days.

My advice always worked for them.  We take those who direct us well for granted and when they go head, away from us, we regret and now rush to grab them to bring them back to our lives.

The very wise may return but the very tired in their hearts, see it that enough must be enough.  They forever move on. I have seen dishonest people in my life. Most entrepreneurs here cannot be trusted. Look into the church.

The assistants to those pastors are not known as the seniors pastors are. These people are prayer warriors. Assistants do all the donkey work. They supervise the counting of money collected during special services. Man is selfish and so greedy.  When it comes to matters concerning money, man turns into a lion.

Companies in Africa are not inherited. There is lack of transparency among business partners. Today you are friends and are working hard to let the limping empire go ahead. Time is about to come and everything will be okay. Now, insects will enter your heads.  People who were once friends are now calling each other names.

I now know why poverty is rampant in Africa and Asia. I have seen a lot in this world. I had to come here, in newspapers, to open people’s eyes.  I had to come, to teach.

Stop crying. The people I helped, out of ditches, are now fighting us. Their names had gone away before I arrived. Their respect, and integrity, was no more. We together spent sleepless nights, laying strategies.  They overcame at last. They savagely want to treat me now.

Judas sold Jesus. Someone next to you is in fact your worst enemy. Calm down and move on. Whatever you are going through is supposed to happen, so that you can fully understand what this world is all about.

There is a reason why people like Museveni can rule a country, full of hooligans and jobless youth, for more than three decades.

This man, Museveni, studied man. See how he handles him. Almost effortlessly he plays the game. Stop grumbling. Gather wisdom first and other things, including beautiful women and money, will come when the right time comes. Be black in peace. You will overcome.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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